We have just released a brand new extension for Jupyter Book that allows to auto-magically insert interactive SWI Prolog code boxes via SWISH using a simple (MyST) Markdown syntax.

The extension source code is hosted on GitHub, in the simply-logical/sphinx-prolog repository. To insert a simple interactive code box, it’s enough to list the Prolog code within the swish directive:

```{swish} swish:box-id
prolog :- code.

To help you get started with your executable Jupyter Book infused with interactive SWISH Prolog code boxes, we published a simple template on GitHub. It is available in the simply-logical/prolog-book-template repository. This template is rendered and hosted on GitHub Pages at https://book-template.simply-logical.space/, which page also serves as a user guide to the sphinx-prolog Jupyter Book extension.

Enjoy creating your interactive Prolog materials!