We are committed to maintaining a suite of freely available interactive online educational resources about Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming with Prolog.

Our teaching materials were originally based on the content of “Simply Logical: Intelligent Reasoning by Example” textbook by Peter Flach, which discusses methods to implement intelligent reasoning by means of Prolog programs. They are suitable for self-study and teaching undergraduate level introductory course to Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming with Prolog.

The book was written to embody a “teaching by showing, learning by doing” philosophy (explained in the Preface) that our organisation adopts and promotes with all of our educational resources.

If you are interested, more details about the book’s history and origins of Simply Logical organisation are available here.

Using our resources

You are free to use and reproduce our resources in accordance with AGPL-3.0 open source licence. Please refer to citation instructions for each resource at its homepage – most of them have a DOI assigned, which you can use for citation. If you are using our resources and would like to be featured on our blog, please let us know.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved in the development please have a look here. We always welcome new contributors and contributions. Our repositories are hosted on GitHub, where you can also find a list of contributors.